A cute little space generator I workedon for no reason, then found out the opportunity to post it here for the PROCJAM.

Names can end up offensive but that's above my power ^^

Hope you find it satisfying and relaxing as much as I do.


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This is really cute. Could be fun to have little spaceships and drive them around! Did you end up just using the canvas API for drawing?

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Thanks for the kind words !

Yeah it's pure canvas drawing ^^

I made a data only star system generator... is this written in JavaScript? Maybe I could merge them! (If your code is open source)

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Hey ! my system isn't that much complicated, only cosinus for orbits and a simple hierarchy for the satellites.

I generate a main satellite (a star) which generates his own satellites which each other generates their own satellites and it goes on until I stop it ^^

Their datas (radius, distance, speed) depends on the radius of their "parent satellite"

What exactly does your data generator creates as property ?

PS: I'm using Javascript

You can download it here https://github.com/mdeselincourt/charliesspacegenerator - at some point I should set it up as a GitHub Page (but when I wrote it I didn't know GitHub Pages existed)

OK it only took 2 clicks and a .nojekyll haha, the generator is now at https://mdeselincourt.github.io/charliesspacegenerator/